Innovation, growth & value creation

The places we live. The places we work. The time has come for the construction and real estate industries to bring the built and digital environments together and to collaborate in new ways to make it happen.

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Proptech Innovation is a cluster for innovation in the real estate and construction industry. The goal of the cluster is to change the way we plan, design, develop, build, buy, rent, sell, manage, and transform buildings for housing and commercial real estate – and to contribute to economically and environmentally sustainable urban and industrial development.

The cluster is an association of urban developers, real estate and construction companies, suppliers, tech companies, investors, and research institutions working together to impact the places we live and the places we work.

Proptech Innovation aims to be a collaborative arena for innovation and developing new products and services that can be effective nationally and internationally.

The initiative is based on recognition of the need for change in the industry.


Technology and digitalization changes the way people interact, supply and demand meets in new ways, value chains are altered and new business models appear. This creates a whole new environment for companies to maneuver.

The players in a wide variety of industries see that they are unable to solve all the challenges alone. In order to strengthen their own capacity for innovation, growth and value creation, the players have established cluster projects that will help to create the best prerequisites for this – both collectively and individually. This has also been the inspiration for Proptech Innovation.

The Proptech Innovation cluster will work on topics like making value chains more efficient,  new building materials and methods, sustainable energy solutions and smart buildings. We believe that data, and access to data, will be an important ingredient for innovation.